Industrial real estate has been growing despite economic downturn.

However, amid such "obscure" economic situation, the real estate market in the industrial park sector still maintains the momentum of development and stable growth.

Setting up a factory in Vietnam, instead of China

Over a period of hardships, many factories were closed in China because of the epidemic. Opened new opportunities for businesses, industrial parks and factories in Vietnam to "seize" this opportunity. Production reels must go on.

According to economic experts, although the volatility caused the real estate market to grow slowly in the first quarter of 2020 this year. But experienced investors with heavy capital continues to invest in Industrial Zones.

Foreign enterprises seeking to exploit Southeast Asia market

Increased import tax due to the tense influence of the US - China has also led foreign businesses to shift production investment.

The ability to control the recent covid-19 epidemic also opens up opportunities for foreign investment in Vietnam.

Therefore, for real estate enterprises in industrial zones, this is an opportunity to recover losses after the recent pandemic.

Currently, many businesses has started to invest in Vietnam market again. For example, there is Panasonic: according to Nikkei information, in September/2020, Panasonic will stop two factories producing washing machines and refrigerators in China and relocate the factory to Northern Vietnam.

Real estate solutions for industrial zones for businesses rent

Although there are many incentives in investing in the Vietnamese market, the initial investment capital of investors is not too abundant, which also makes many businesses weigh and measure before implementing. Therefore, the solution of leasing Rental Factories in the IZ is one of the effective methods for businesses.

With advantages coming from ready-built factories: located in key areas, reducing initial investment costs, diverse areas, suitable to many needs of businesses. Therefore, it is a suitable time for businesses to launch new projects.

What you need to know went leasing Industrial Properties

Choosing the right location

Business positioning is extremely important. Help you determine where your factory should be located, its effectiveness, benefits, opportunities and losses when making a new factory reservation at a reasonable rental location

Depending on the purpose whether to  expand production facilities, or creating new business projects, businesses have different options after consideration. But experience shows that, for businesses that want to expand production, their factory should be located near industrial parks and densely populated areas.

Consider the cost of renting and buying a factory

To hire a factory or buy a new factory is also something that businesses should consider carefully. Because the risks associated with the cost of building a new factory are often very high. Businesses are required initial capital, planning, and long construction time. Therefore, for business projects where the initial capital is low,or need the construction time to short, or need good location, the factory lease option will bring more efficiency.

Pay attention to legal documents and incentives for businesses

The lease term, the value of the contract, the terms and the associated embankments all need to be carefully reviewed before signing. Often real estate rental units have incentives and discounts for businesses when renting for a long time or large area.

For lease areas from 2000m2, the Factory for Rent project of New Generation JSC – NGJSC in Loc An – Binh Son IP is going into operation. Please contact 0948 859 999 for best deals

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