Information about factory for rent in Loc An Binh Son IP

Factory for rent in Long Thanh, Dong Nai province (Loc An - Binh Son Industrial Park) is invested by New Generation Construction & Development Corporation with the total area of ​​56,000 m2, divided into four Factory Blocks each 8000 m2 and four Factory Blocks each 6000 m2. The factory is integrated with standard fire protection system and natural lighting. The factory roof is equipped with modern solar power system.

Image 1: 3D Perspective of the Factory for Lease project at Loc An – Binh Son IP


Update construction progress of factory for rent in Loc An Binh Son Industrial Park on May 19, 2020:


Phase 1: reached 50%. The first phase of the project consists of a 8000 m2 factory block and a 6000 m2 factory block. Accordingly, the 8000m2 block of Factory for rent is finishing the final processes before opening for lease. The 6000m2 block of Factory for rent is starting its construction.

Image 2: Factory Block X1 (8000 m2) ready for lease in June, 2020. Factory Block X5 (6000 m2) expected to be ready for lease in October, 2020.


- Factory Block 8000 m2 consists of four adjacent factory modules, each module is 2000 m2. Currently, the factory is completing and constructing the technical system, performing the final works before leasing the factory. Factory is expected to be leaseable in June, 2020.


Some photos of the current state of Factory Block 8000m2.

Image 3: Completed interior of Factory for lease

Image 4:  Installed of Rental Factory windows

Image 5:  Installed Rolling door with Obstacle detection technology

Image 6: Installing Fire fighting system (sprinklers, smoke detectors)

Image 7:  Bundling seams of pavement

- Factory Block 6000 m2 consists of two adjacent factory modules, each 3000 m2. Expected Factory completion in October, 2020


Current construction progress:

+ Completed construction of Factory Block’s foundation

+ Installing steel truss and beams, construction of Factory frame

+ Next stage is to install purlins and tie bars for Factory

Image 8: Constructing Factory frame (installing steel truss and beams)

Image 9: Rolling the road, preparing for asphalt road construction of Phase 1.


It is expected that when completed, the Factory for lease in Long Thanh, Dong Nai (located in Loc An - Binh Son Industrial Park) built by New Generation Corporation will be an attractive destination for investors with the cease of access to major traffic infrastructure. The factory for lease is located near Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay Highway and Long Thanh International Airport.


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Why choose a workshop for rent Loc An Binh Son?

  • Affordable Factory rental price with full, complete utilities of the industrial park
  • Diverse Factory area suitable for many manufacturing industries
  • Integrated  fire protection system compliant with ISO 22000.
  • Free support for ERC and IRC, easy and quick business setup
  • Support services in licenses and customs procedures for importing/exporting goods.
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