The cost for renting a 4000m2 workshop: The problem for businesses producing supporting industries

What is supporting industries?

  • To manufacture a complete car in German, they need auto parts like:
  • Car windows made in Japan,
  • Auto frameworks made in China,
  • Car seats made in Vietnam,
  • Seat belts made in Taiwan or the screws made in Egypt,

Not all accessories and component parts for a car are in Germany.

Therefore, the specialization of these components is the supporting industries.

Supporting industries can be known as the supply of raw materials, spare parts, and components to the key industries.

The production of the machine parts: components, spare parts, accessories, packaging, screws, etc.

What is supporting industries?

Manufacturing and processing: raw materials, processing food, products, etc.

Manufacturing industrial machines

Manufacturing machines to make components

Component manufacturing is also an important part of producing supporting industries.

The aspect of supplying installed machines is supporting industries

The growth trend of supporting industries

With the globalization over the past few years, and the sharing of technology from developed countries. The trend of supporting industries is growing more and more in developing countries.

Supporting industries have many fields that do not require qualified or intellectual human resources, which helps to solve the excess labor force in our society, solving the number of unemployed people and shifting from agriculture to the industry and services sector.

The role of supporting industries

The role of supporting industries

Promoting other industries’ resources. As mention above, there is not only one place where the car can be produced, the specialization of supporting industries and globalization of production have helped businesses to solve the problem of capital costs for the production of machine parts, solving the source input materials before making a finished product.

With that said, globalization has caused countries to transfer technology to developing countries. This, in turn, helps solve the excess human resources in those countries. Creating a premise for new economic development.

Renting workshops of 4000 m2 or more and expenses for supporting industrial factories

Usually the auxiliary industrial workshops have an area not too large. And often located in densely populated areas, to take advantage of the local human resources. For manufacturing enterprises such as garment factories: depending on size and demand, the factory can be from 2 - 4000 m2.

Depending on the amount of manpower, work, machinery, the use of a factory with an area of ​​40000 square meters or more is right for your business. Besides, this is also moderate in managing production with a low budget.

The advantages of a 4000 m2 factory for lease from New Generation in Loc An Binh Son Industrial Park

Location: Located adjacent to the resettlement area of ​​Long Thanh airport. The resettlement area is expected to meet the settlement needs of about 35,000 residents. Is a strong labor force for businesses when they are located here.

Structure: the factory is 50x160 square meters in area, which is divided into separate blocks. The rental area can be changed when the business needs to rent more.

Utilities surrounding areas: Loc An Binh Son Industrial Park fully meets the needs of electricity, water, wastewater treatment, green tree system’s standard.

Workshop rental cost 4000 m2 in Long Thanh

In recent years, the Long Thanh Dong Nai area, especially, the industrial sector has been promoted by buildings, infrastructure, roads, highways, power plants, and residential areas.

This also makes the factory rental price in Dong Nai soar. However, because there are many competing units, the factory prices are often the same.

Renting workshops of 4000 m2 or more and expenses for supporting industrial factories

In addition, besides factory rental prices, businesses should also pay attention to choosing suitable factory rental units.

Rent a workshop 4000m2, what do businesses pay attention to?

The market is more and more competitive, so businesses should pay attention to:

  • Is amount of rent on factory competitive or not?
  • To factory condition. New, or old, workshop, if old, how much will it cost and repair support? Is there any repair support?
  • Is the workshop rental unit reputable or not?
  • A variety of support services are available during contract negotiations. Legal support or not?

To avoid risks, businesses look to a reputable factory rental unit for clear advice.

The current factory rental price of the New Generation factory ranges from 80,000 to 150,000 VND / m2 / month. With full internal utilities: electricity, water, wastewater treatment, security, green campus, IT system by contractors: Viettel, VNPT, FPT.

Workshop, with a height of 8.5m and attic in the corners, is a suitable place for office space, employees’ restroom.

 Depending on the field of business, the cost of repairing may be increased or decreased.

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