Where is the factory location?

Loc An Binh Son Industrial Park, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province, Viet Nam. 


♦ Location, far from the center:
- City Ho Chi Minh     :17Km along the highway;
- City  Bien Hoa       :25Km.

♦ By air:

- Long Thanh International Airport   :1.5Km;

- Tan Son Nhat International Airport    :60Km.


♦ Railway:

- Bien Hoa Station :20Km;

- Saigon Station :50Km.


♦ Seaport:

- Go Dau Port :15 :15Km;

- Phu My Port    :30Km;

- Cai Mep - Thi Vai Port   : 40km.


What are your products, utilities, services?

At Loc An Binh Son Industrial Park, Dong Nai, Vietnam, there are 3 main products:
- Industrial land rental services,
- Ready-built factories,
- Factory built according to the requirements of the business.

Professional and quick legal support services, human resource recruitment, etc., help businesses to go into production soon.


The occupations are allowed to carry out production

Priority industries to attract investment in the factory area in Loc An - Binh Son industrial park include:

- Precision mechanics, manufacturing dynamic machines, manufacturing and assembling means of transport, machinery for agriculture, construction, manufacturing of machines and medical instruments; 

- Electronic manufacturing and assembly industry, household electrical appliances, information technology equipment;

- Pharmaceutical industry, flavoring;

- Other occupations that do not cause environmental pollution according to regulations.


Quality standards of factories for rent New Generation

The architectural design of the project's factories fully complies with the regulations of the Vietnamese standard set (TCVN);

- Implementing environmentally friendly factory construction by using solar panels,

- Heat insulate cool roof paint,

- Water-based metal paint according to European standards,

- Fireproof paint for factory steel structure,

- Reinforced concrete foundation design steel 2 tons hardener covering.


Details here: Ready-built factory for rent.


The wastewater treatment system at the rental factory?

The factory area located in Loc An Binh Son Industrial Park has been planned according to the type of industrial park, there has been decision to approve the Environmental Impact Assessment Report.

The warehouse’s tenant will responsible for registering environmental standards with the competent authority of the State and performing necessary work as required by regulations.

During the production process, the amount of wastewater generated at each factory, if it meets the input standards of the wastewater treatment plant of Loc An Binh Son Industrial Park, will be discharged directly into the general wastewater collection system of the factory. Loc An Binh Son Industrial Park and brought to treatment at the centralized wastewater treatment plant of the industrial park.

In case the wastewater generated at the factory does not meet the input standards of the wastewater treatment plant, the warehouse’s tenant will invest in building a pre-treatment cluster to meet the standards before discharging into the general collection system. of the whole industrial park.

For wastewater that meets the standard requirements to be discharged into the collection system of the industrial park, the customer - warehouse’s tenant will sign a contract for this service with VRG Long Thanh Investment and Development Joint Stock Company.

What is the current state of infrastructure in the industrial complex?

Road Infrastructure: Located within a standard factory section with a main entrance adjacent to the road inside the industrial park.

Power system: using local power grid system including three phase 200V, 30A, 50Hz.

Water supply and drainage system: Water is used by the industrial water supply system. The plant's drainage system drains into the drainage system on the main road in front of the site.

Stormwater Systems: Drainage systems around the plant are located next to the road.

What modules does the rental factory have?

What modules does the rental factory have?

The total land area of the factory project for lease with vacant and flat land has an area of: 98,800 m2.

By total land area: 98,800 m2, the factory for lease of the New Generation of New Generation serves the diverse needs of customers:

  • Warehouse from No. 01 to No. 04 have an area of 8,000m2 divided into 2,000m2, 4,000m2, 8,000m2.
  • Warehouse from 05 to 08: each workshop has an area of 6,000m2 divided into 3,000m2.
  • Built To Suit Factory - according to the individual needs of customers can be 5,000m2 to 10,000m2.
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