Solution of Leasing Factory in Industrial zones & legal procedure

In the first 20 years of the last century, Vietnam became stronger and stronger in industrial development. With thousands of investors and industrial solutions into Vietnam during the past time. In particular, growth efforts, preferential policies of the state. Economic areas, industrial zones, high-tech zones were created. Incentives for foreign investors further strengthen the industrial economy.

Thanks to this, the solution to rent factories in industrial zones becomes even more exciting. As long as land laws in Vietnam still apply the granting of land use rights to individuals or businesses. In addition, when an enterprise with low initial investment, the solution to Rent Factories in Industrial parks is one of the reasonable options.

Solution of Leasing Factory in Industrial zones & legal procedure

When starting a business project, the business managers will have many options to achieve optimum efficiency with minimum cost. Or balance between cost and net sales. For the option of investing in fixed assets such as buying land, building factories, equipping the initial system will cost the business quite a bit.

Not to mention, the placement of production factories also require businesses to survey the market since they can’t just choose a vacant land and plan for factory clearance.

Thus, the optimal solution chosen by many managers is to rent industrial zone factories.

Legal procedures when renting Industrial Zone factory

When renting industrial park factories, what are the legal procedures that enterprises should know?

First, the type of production of the business - Business Registration Certificate

For auxiliary and high-tech manufacturing industries that is given priority by the government. The choice of renting an Industrial Zone Factory or High-tech Zone factory will be more beneficial for business investment.

Be sure to look carefully at the contents agreed in the Industrial zone Factory lease contract

The terms of the Factory lease Contracts are always numerous. Business should always have legal experts, to resolve the terms as well as the appendix and to avoid errors in the lease process.

In addition, businesses can also find outsourced legal units. To ensure the highest benefits during the rental period.

Currently, with the expansion of investment planning of New Generation JSC (NGJSC) in construction. Platform and solution for leasing industrial zone factory has gained many advantages. And we always have completely preferential solutions when foreign businesses start investing heavily in Vietnam. Therefore, we - NGJSC will give 100% legal support to businesses when choosing to rent a factory in Loc An – Binh Son Industrial Park (Dong Nai province)

Factory rental price for Industrial Zones in Dong Nai 2020

There are many factors involved in renting a factory

  • Prime location: Located in industrial clusters, near ports, convenient for traffic, near large residential markets, ...
  • Manufacturing Industries: Enterprises in the fields of apparel, assembly, logistics, food, or high technology also affect the cost of leasing industrial zone factories. Each business field is different, thus the requirements for the Factories are also different.
  • Utilities: for every purpose, the field of operation of each business is different. Then, the cost of renting a factory can be higher or lower.
  • Area of lease: The larger rented warehouse area, the higher the costs

Currently, the rent of Dong Nai Industrial Zone Factories in 2020 can range from 40,000 VND/m2 to 200,000 VND/m2. Depending on the size of the factory.

As of June 2020, Factory in Loc An - Binh Son Industrial park, Dong Nai has come into the stage of finishing and ready for lease immediately.


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