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Loc An Binh Son IP, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

T: 0839696979

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Residential area for staff and workers

Housing project for staff and workers with a scale of about 40 ha in two communes - Long An and Binh Son - next to the Loc An - Binh Son IP in order to meet the needs of accommodation for officials and workers working here.

Health care facility

Health care facilities within a radius of 5km around Loc An - Binh Son Industrial Park such as Health center; Ai Nghia clinic (about 4km) and Long Thanh hospital (about 5km) which provide essential equipment to take care of health for workers in the industrial park. In addition, health professionals also consult about food safety and hygiene, medical examination and treatment, and first aid for common accidents and injuries in production and health care for employees.

Banking system (ATM)

Loc An - Binh Son IP has a strategic cooperation agreement with banks to support enterprises to easily access capital, create conditions for officers and workers of factories and receive best financial services from the bank.

Supermarket and grocery store

In order to serve the needs of safe food and daily essentials for workers, Loc An - Binh Son Industrial Park has planned a shop with an area of 300m2 which coordinates with Coopmart, Santra, Circle K to distribute goods directly to workers. Meanwhile, there are many kinds of products for them to choose like fresh and frozen foods, technology devices, clothes, chemicals, and utensils.

Career and employment services

In order to create cultural activities and useful activities for workers in the Industrial Park; Career-oriented centers also coordinate with schools, organizations, companies, and agencies to hold short and long-term training courses for young workers like informatics classes, foreign languages, skills classes; sports clubs.


Loc An - Binh Son Industrial Park built an artificial grass football field and Koi garden coffee to help officials and workers maintain health and regenerate energy after working time. Besides, there are variety of festival activities such as Christmas, Happy New Year to make them get fill of entertainment and enjoyment when working here.


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Address    : 212 Nguyen Trong Tuyen, Ward 8, Phu Nhuan District, City. Ho Chi Minh

Hotline  : 08 39 69 69 79

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