Export processing industrial parks in Dong Nai

What is the factory of the export processing zone? 

For the purpose of industrial growth and development, industrial and export processing zones in Vietnam have been established in recent decades. This has promoted economic development and achieved many achievements.

The establishment of export processing zones will increase the attraction of human resources to the local area to operate.

In addition, the expansion of export processing zones contributes to attracting FDI enterprises to invest. Other expanding service industries, contributing to regional infrastructure investment.

So the export processing industrial park is also known as the export processing zone. The difference with other industrial zones is that they focus on processing, manufacturing and exporting products to foreign markets. Businesses focus on products for export, or support export production enterprises.

What are the incentives for production in export processing zones?

Receive preferential import and export tariffs, incentives in the cost of renting production premises.

In particular, taking advantage of the time and effort to build factories to save costs will often be the first choice.

The location and boundary of the export processing zone are pre-defined, infrastructure investment, the internal area is separate from the residential area.

Although the export processing zone is separate from the residential area, the concentration of the export processing zone will attract regional workers. Thereby solving the economy, unemployment for workers.

Incentives for businesses in export processing zones

Enterprises conducting production in export processing zones will receive the following incentives:

Enterprise income tax exemption for the first 2 years, 50% for the next 4 years (Since the decision to establish the project)
Land tax free: 7 years
- Preferential rental rates for production premises.
- Preferential import of raw materials for production.
- Priority when doing import and export customs procedures.
- The infrastructure in the zone only serves export processing enterprises.
The process of expanding export processing zones is an option to help increase the value of goods import and export. From expanding production, solving job problems for employees, developing markets.

Industries eligible for investment incentives in export processing industrial parks

- Scientific research - technology development.

- High technology application - investment and development in high-tech fields.

- Investment in infrastructure development: power plants, water supply and drainage systems, roads, airports, ....

- Software development, renewable energy

- Biotechnology,.

- ….

List of industrial zones in Dong Nai:

1. Loc An Binh Son IP

2. Dau Giay IP

3. Giang Dien IP

4. Long Khanh IP

5. Ong Keo IP

6. AGTEX Long Binh IP

7. Tan Phu IP

8. Bau Xeo IP

9. Thanh Phu IP

10. Xuan Loc IP

11. Nhon Trach II - Loc Khang IP

12. Nhon Trach II - Nhon Phu IP

13. Nhon Trach VI IP

14. Long Duc IP

15. An Phuoc IP

16. Long Thanh IP

17. Nhon Trach VO IP

18. Tam Phuoc IP

19. Nhon Trach Textile and Garment IP

20. Bien Hoa IP I

21. Song May IP

22. Nhon Trach IP I

23. Nhon Trach II IP

24. Nhon Trach III IP

25. Long Binh IP (Loteco)

26. Bien Hoa II IP

27. Amata IP

28. Go Dau IP

29. Ho Nai IP

30. Suoi Tre IP

31. Dinh Quan IP

32. Long Thanh IP


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