Established date:




Total area:

497,77 ha

Total factory area:

320 ha

Number of workshops:


Power Source:


Minimum area:

1000 m2

Water supply:

100.000 m3

Floor payload:

3.5 tons/m2

Loc An Binh Son IP, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

T: 0839696979

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Loc An - Binh Son Industrial Park is invested by V.R.G - Long Thanh Development and Investment Joint Stock Company. Currently, the industrial park has been approved by the People's Committee of Dong Nai province in detail planning of 1/2000 scale in Decision No. 2497 / QD-UBND dated August 28, 2009.

Loc An Binh Sin Industrial Park

An industrial park with an area of ​​497.77 ha is located in the southeast of Bien Hoa city in the direction of National Highway 51 in Loc An, Binh Son and Long An communes, Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province. In which, the industrial land area for factory building is 320 ha. The industrial park has a convenient location for both waterway and road transport, and is centrally located to major cities of the southern key economic region, an important focal point for economic development. economic, social, transportation as well as the development of industrial and commercial centers ...

Natural conditions:
The climate is highly stable, there is no major mutations that change the seasonal climate between years, there are no major natural disasters caused by the weather such as making the weather too cold (below 13oC) or too hot (above 40oC). Rarely, storms and floods occur, which is a favorable factor to protect the sustainability of the project.

This is an industrial park with an extremely favorable position in terms of transportation, goods trade and development of high-tech industries, auxiliary industries for airport activities, warehouse operations. yards and logistics activities.

Regarding labor and housing for workers:
Loc An - Binh Son Industrial Park is located near big urban areas such as Ho Chi Minh City, Bien Hoa City, Vung Tau ... where training and supplying high-tech human resources and good workers. Abundant occupation ... so it is very convenient in attracting highly qualified and skilled human resources.

Located near Long Thanh town, which is the center of the region, there are many projects developing new urban areas such as: Binh Son urban area, Tam Phuoc, Binh resettlement area. Son (300 ha) and Loc An residential area (40 ha). These are projects on urban areas and residents that can meet the housing needs for workers and experts in the industrial park.
The investor is also promoting investment procedures to build a housing area for officials and workers in Loc An - Binh Son industrial park (about 40 hectares with full technical infrastructure, social strata (education, health, sports ...).

With a total area of ​​497.77 ha, it is located in the center of the big city of the Southern key economic development area, an important connection point for social, economic and transportation development as well as transportation. expanding industrial and commercial center, Loc An - Binh Son Industrial Park is an ideal destination for multinational companies in investing and manufacturing and providing support services for electronics and mechanics, pharmaceuticals and airport activities, etc.

The area of ​​industrial park land for factory construction occupies 320 ha of the total area. IZ has great advantages in terms of location in transporting, trading and developing high-tech industries and supporting industries for airport, warehousing and logistics activities. We are committed to providing investors with the best and most comprehensive service during the time they invest in our industrial parks.

Location Factory for rent Dong Nai, Vietnam

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  • 15 km (20 minutes) to Long Thanh International Airport
  • 04 km (10 minutes) to Ho Chi Minh - Long Thanh - Dau Giay expressway
  • 28 km (45 minutes) to Saigon Hi-Tech Park
  • 32 km (60 minutes) to Thu Thiem Tunnel
  • 27 km (45 minutes) to Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province
  • 30 km (60 minutes) to Cat Lai port
  • 42 km (60 minutes) to Cai Mep Port
  • 35 km (50 minutes) to Phu My port 


22kV electricity is supplied stably from Long Thanh Station of the National Grid - ensuring the power quality to the factory of the customer


Clean water is supplied from Nhon Trach Water Supply Plant, with a capacity of 100,000 m3/day-night. Supplied water quality meets QCVN 01: 2009/BYT standards


Wastewater is processed centrally at the on-site wastewater treament plant with capacity of 9,200 m3/day-night. Treated water reached grade A standards in accordance with QCVN 40: 2011/BTNMT


Rental Factory/Warehouse in the industrial park for small and medium businesses; companies in the supporting manufacturing industries; companies needing warehouse space; companies looking for space near Long Thanh airport, etc.


Wide road system, meeting the needs of businesses: Asphalt concrete road with capacity of 10 - 12 tons. Main road: width of 36-39m. Internal road: width of 24-28m


Utilities and services provided in the Industrial Park include: Customs office; Inland clearance port; Logistics Center; Dormitory, Residential, Market, Gas station, etc.

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