Utilities services for Factory rental in Loc An Binh Son Industrial Park – Dong Nai

In recent years, Dong Nai's industrial economy has developed not only based on the resources of enterprises. Dong Nai's preferential policies to promote investment also contributes a small part. Such as:

  • Infrastructure development,
  • Stimulating foreign investment,
  • Building industrial zones, encouraging investment with preferential tax rates,
  • Besides, Dong Nai also develops new urban areas, attracting population here.

Utilities when renting factory in Loc An - Binh Son Industrial Park

Utilities come from the surrounding area

Location of Loc An Binh Son Industrial Park is located at a flat area of 350 hectares. Next to it is Long Thanh airport which is under construction and is expected to come into operation in a few years. The high-valued land is located in the industrial zone cluster which is promoted by Dong Nai province with many incentives for businesses when they place their factories here.

We would like to take a look at some utilities in the neighbourhood to make it easier for businesses to make decisions:

Enterprises producing in light industry: garment, food, consumer goods, packaging, ..

Only 15 minutes from Bien Hoa city. The population is about 1.3 million (2018), which helps provide businesses with a stable workforce.

From Loc An Binh Son Industrial Park, it only takes about 45 minutes to reach Ho Chi Minh city center. As a crowded residential market, extremely suitable for businesses to expand their market here. As well as seeking intellectual and skilled human resources.

Businesses in Logistics industries

Loc An – Binh Son IP is an ideal location. Especially the ideal climate with low risk of natural disasters, which is an important in logistics managing. Additionally, flat terrain is also an advantage.

Only one hour away from Cai Mep International Port, can easily export goods.

Currently, Long Thanh International Airport is in construction. Only 10 minutes away from Loc An – Binh Son IP, proves the IP to be an ideal investment location.

More detail: Factory rental price Loc An Binh Son Ins.

Internal utilities of Loc An - Binh Son Industrial Park

  • Electric system: 220/110KV Long Thanh Transformer belongs to the national grid. Ensuring 22KV power supply stable for 24/7. Ensure smooth production activities.
  • Clean Water supply: 100,000 m3/day-night from the water supply plant of the IZ and the drainage system to the area in front of the land.
  • Waste water treatment system: Waste water treatment system as prescribed by Decree 40-2019, the details as prescribed by the Law on Environmental Protection.
  • Communication system: It is invested by VNPT/FPT/Viettel - ensuring convenient connection and communication process.
  • The system of green roads: Ensuring according to the Decision No. 04/2008 / QD-BXD, the minimum percentage of trees in land lots for construction works is 20%.

More Detail: Infrastructure details of Loc An Binh Son Industrial Park Project

The utilities available in leasing factory of industrial zone are factors that business managers hesitate before choosing to expand their production area. Let's take a look at local and nearby utilities within Loc An -Binh Son Industrial Park.

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