What you need to notice when leasing a Factory in Dong Nai

Let's find out what you need to know when renting a factory in Dong Nai through the following article.

Issues to consider and research before deciding to rent a warehouse.

Nowadays, not all businesses can find a piece of land with location and area to both build a factory and warehouse area, to solve this problem optimally, many businesses have chosen to rent factory/warehouse.

Warehousing refers to a place to store products, semi-finished products and finished products in order to provide customers quickly with the lowest cost when required.

Renting warehouse space with reasonable location and cost is quite a difficult problem that businesses need to solve.

Key factors in choosing a suitable warehouse

Firstly, it is necessary to consider the location and size of the place of rent that is suitable for the purpose and requirements set out for the warehouse that the business wants to rent.

Warehouse location has a big impact on operating costs of businesses. If the warehouse is located too far, it will cost a lot due to manpower and time to transport goods from the factory to the warehouse and from the warehouse to the customer.

Whether the warehouse is affected by the weather, flooding or not is also a concern for the products and goods of the business to ensure safety to avoid loss and damage to the business.

Besides, the warehouse area needs to be calculated to suit the production capacity and consumption capacity of the business.

Secondly, the Warehouse lease Contract and the legal issues when renting a warehouse is something that businesses need to pay attention and research carefully before deciding to rent a warehouse.

Third, the labor force needed to manage when renting warehouse. Normally, labor used in arranging goods, checking and unloading will be prioritized by businesses to be near the warehouse to facilitate working.

For warehouse managers, it is necessary to have experienced people who know how to properly manage the warehousing and ex-warehousing goods, and respond promptly to possible events.

Fourthly, warehouse rental costs needs to be reasonable since it can affect the operation costs of businesses. Therefore negotiation is necessary in order to get a good warehouse rental price to ensure optimal costs.

What you need to know when leasing factory in Dong Nai province

When considering to lease warehouse in Dong Nai is similar to the issues to note above: that are to consider warehouse location, how much of area, the legality of warehousing in Dong Nai, prices and potential of local human resources.

In terms of geographical location of Dong Nai province, which is adjacent to many industrially developed  provinces in the Southeast region such as Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh, Ba Ria Vung Tau. Dong Nai itself is also a place of strong industrialization, so there are many factories and industrial zones here.

Moreover, Dong Nai is adjacent to major, key transportation infrastructures such as Ho Chi Minh – Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway, Long Thanh International Airport, and other major ports such as Cat Lai port, Sai Gon port, Cai Mep port or SP-ITC port.

This has enabled Dong Nai to be an ideal location for businesses to locate their warehouses.

However, it is not possible to place warehouses in Dong Nai anywhere. The best storage location is that it is not flooded with convenient transportation close to the national highway or main roads, without traffice jams.

When deciding to rent a warehouse in Dong Nai, businesses also need to consider whether the warehouse of the lessor unit is up to the requirements or not, whether the facilities are adequate, how it copes with natural disasters such as rain. storms, tornadoe and whether the area is adequate enough for the storage of goods.

The law of renting warehouse in Dong Nai is also quite important from the government's supportive policy, Dong Nai province policies is to promote industrial development and the land tax support policy to the warehouse lease contract should be noted.

In terms of micro, the contract of renting warehouse between the two parties must ensure full legality and be suitable to the requirements of the two parties on the basis of common interests, ensure fairness and fully comply with the requirements of the Vietnamese Law.

Warehouse rental rates need to be in line with the market prices in Dong Nai, businesses need to negotiate in order to have a good rent to optimize their costs.

Surveying and finding out about the local human resources where the warehouses is located is also something that businesses need to keep in mind. Warehousing is an important asset of the business, to optimize the  protection assets requires good personnel.

Hopefully the above notes will help you to have more useful information favorable for the development of your business.


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