Customized Factory - Dong Nai

Established date:




Total area:

98.800 m2

Total factory area:

56.500 m2

Number of workshops:


Power Source:


Minimum area:


Water supply:

100.000 m3/day-night

Floor payload:

2.000 kg/m2

Loc An Binh Son IP, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

T: 0839696979

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Aside from ready-built factory for rent to save costs and time, the New Generation Corporation also provides customized factory to satisfy various demands of investors with variety of rental areas, guaranteeing scientific design, suitable for most of light industry and clean industry. We know that every business field requires different premises from office, factory, logistics and transportation to warehouse.

Therefore, the New Generation has flexibly introduced the customized factory for lease service.

This is a modern factory model being developed in Loc An - Binh Son Industrial Park in particular and in Vietnam in general based on design and requirement of enterprises.

Customized Factory for Rent


With the customized factory solution to meet the specifics of each industry, The New Generation will accompany businesses from the design stage to the handover of the factory, with detailed planning and selection careful materials and construction with high quality standards, ensuring the harmony and optimization in both function and design to save time and initial investment costs for customers.



The reasons why customers should choose customized factories in Loc An - Binh Son Industrial Park:

  • Strategic location
  • Convenient for transportation by road, water and air
  • Close to the city center and key areas
  • Utilities, professional services and complete infrastructure
  • Quick legal procedure
  • Near international sea
  • Near international ports and customs
  • Convenient import and export procedures

Customized Factory/warehouse in Dong Nai - Viet Nam

The New Generation uses modern technology and environmentally friendly materials for factory’s interior and exterior

  • Prefabricated industrial buildings with steel structure including columns, and thermally insulated roof slab system
  • The wall is built by brick (200 mm thick and 2000 mm high) with double-sided painting, colored coated roofing sheet, and insect screen net)
  • Sliding window with aluminum frame
  • Door with aluminum frame
  • Shutter door controlled by motor
  • Tole polycarbonate on the roof
  • Ventilation system
  • Ashford formula floor
  • Complete lighting system
  • Electrical system for factory
  • Fire alarm system
  • Using solar panel system, thermal roof paint, European standard water-based metal paint, and fireproof paint
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