Update on the installation status of factory rooftop-mounted solar panels

Rooftop-mounted solar panels are an system using heat from the sun and then the sunlight will be absorbed and converted into electrical energy through photosensitive panels.

Solar energy was first produced in the early years of the 20th Centry, and then mainly applied in the space technology industry. However, it was not common until the last years of the century when the problem of pollution and depletion of natural resources promoted many countries to have clean energy solutions and sustainable energies.

The rooftop-mounted solar panels system of New Generation Construction and Development Corporation

The roof of the workshop plays an important role in the construction of the roof system. Therefore, when building the factory, the New Generation Corporation has always installed the entire roof with the solar panels system.

The positive effects of solar rooftops

  • Helping to absorb a large amounts of heat (on average 2-3 C).
  • Reducing costs for electricity use
  • Providing an almost "endless" power source
  • Bringing benefits in environmental protection

Solar roof system of the New Generation Corporation is installed follow the German standards and garanteeded installation technology and warranty period.

Pic 1: Rooftop-mounted solar panels system seen from above

Pic 2: Basically completing 70% of the workload

Pic 3: Panoramic view of the New Generation Corporation’s rental factories seen from above  


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